WELCOME to the The Immigration Law Firm
The law office of Kyongbin Baek provides legal representation in all matters pertaining to United States Immigration and Nationality law. Located in Minot, North Dakota, the firm serves a diverse clientele, including corporations, universities, small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals. The firm handles all cases from the initial consultation to the preparation and filing of applications and petitions with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Labor, Department of State, State Work Force Agencies, and U.S. Consulates around world. Our law office has extensive experience in working with Canadian immigration attorneys to help U.S. citizens to work and immigrate to Canada.

Immigration law and related agency regulations are highly complex. They tend to change almost every day. We have always kept current with new laws and regulations. We understand that each client is in need of individually tailored immigration legal services for his or her unique circumstances. We analyze the entire case, spot hidden issues, and resolve them even before they become major obstacles in your way of achieving your immigration goals.

Clients know that by retaining the firm they will gain access to its attorneys’ vast knowledge of immigration law and ability to find cost-effective solutions.

Obtaining positive results for clients has been the cornerstone of Kyongbin Baek.